Born to be wild

“Motorbikes, rock music and black band t-shirts go hand in hand. Steppenwolf’s cry of “heavy metal thunder!” on their notorious rock anthem empahsizes the thrill not only of the roaring bike engine, but also the sound of distorted electric guitars, lighting the fire of our collective rock ‘n roll imaginations.”

I was listening the brilliant song Born to be wild in the radio this morning, and I felt the need to write about it. Because I think the relationship between my clothing designs and the lyrics of this song they have a lot in common. Well, even it haves with my own music too, of course. After all, 70’s rock&roll it was always one of my most remarkable influences.

Born to be wild, originally featured in the landmark film "Easy Rider"“The song, which originally featured in the landmark film “Easy Rider”, sparked the dawn of the rock n roll biker. The image of two-wheels hitting the open road has come to symbolise the detachment from the everyday humdrum. Heading out on the highway has never sounded so good. To this day, whether you ride a Triumph, a Harley, or an Indian, when Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” is played,
you sing along and you know all the words.”


An anthem that celebrates the freedom of the open road, the song encourages unplanned thrill seeking. “Looking for adventure, in whatever comes our way”, the song inspires us to break free from the ordinary and discover new sensations.

Rock n roll and motorcycles are inseparable.


Riding a motorcycle and donning the leathers and band t-shirt has become a rites of passage for many music and bike lovers. Like true nature’s children, we can climb high and never die.

There’s nothing better than that combination of fast bikes and loud music. Like Page and Plant or Ozzy and Tony, they go together like cookies and cream. Don’t they?

And why not stop off at a roadside diner to chat about the latest sounds with your biking buddies? Whether you love metal or just plain old-fashioned rock n roll (or you enjoy with my own discography) chatting tunes with your gang is just about the greatest way to pass a good time. So, grab a pew, put a quarter in the jukebox and belt out some old family favorites.

Why not stop off at a roadside diner to chat about the latest sounds with your biking buddies?“When you’re done at the diner, you’re ready to “explode into space” and seek out the nearest rock n roll gig in town. Get your best rock t-shirts on and hit that gig in style and comfort. Do it with our premium rock tees for example. Feel good. Stand out from the crowd
and get ready to rock the night away.
We were “born to be wild” and dress in our own terms after all!”


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