When you get tired of always dressing as others

“There’s something in the rock&roll outfit which is very attractive even for people who are not an special followers of rock music. You can check it fast if tou open your favorite social network and you’ll see a bunch of fashion young models wearing a T-shirt of Ramones, Metallica or Rolling Stones, for exemple.”

When you get tired of always dressing as others is logical and is sane try to find something different. Something rebel if you mean. But especially some kind of outfit which can identify you as a person with free will, with your own way to express yourself. And rock it always did that job perfectly.

There's something rebel in the rock&roll outift“T-shirts, jeans, black color, and designs with an special meaning they’re are related with this necessity. To raise your voice and make it clear to the world that
you’re the master of your own decisions.”

I’m still remember the first album I had. I was a kid yet. And it was my brother who bring me to home as a present. Hotel California from Eagles would end up being the basis and essence of all my own music. I was ten (just only four years after the premiere of this classic album) but this kind of music it was going to settle the rules to write my own songs a lot of years after.

When I was fifteen, the new wave music hit my life onrush. All this synth sounds they were as a far new world to me. And the dark and sinister outfit of bands as Joy Division, The Cure, U2 or A-ha they influenced my own outfit and they marked me with some kind of sad spirit that even now you can find in my songs.

Time passed. And finally my own personal evolution led me to my very own roots. I started to listen irish folk day after day. And I came back to the american sounds too. I dusted off my old vinyls. Hotel California was among them. And all my dearest Creedence, Springsteen, Tom Petty and Allman Brothers they resurrected the rebel who slept in me. And with them, an interesting mixture of t-shirts, black shirts, jeans and jackets combining my renewed outfit style with those things from the eighties that I did not wanted to discard, and neither ignore.

Since then and until now, all this way of life, rock fashion and mixture of several music influences has been running my life in good terms. My own terms.

Hence I thought all my designs in Rock As You they could be a good way to express all this. Connecting my personal and humanist beliefs with those days. Giving others the chance to find a way to express in their own terms. I thought there must be more people out there tired of a selfish world forcing them to dress like clones. That there are human beings who want to draw a line and tell the world that they are free. And its only rules and limits are those of common sense and honesty.

Well, that’s rock&roll after all, isn’t it? Endless hours on the road. The sky between God and yourself. In a pickup, a Harley or an old beat-up Shelby.

I mean. I’m an independent artist. Discret and humble. I’m not one of this messianic singers who want to change the world. Is worth to me if can touch the heart of a punch of people in the world and my songs, thoughts and words they can get better a bad day for someone.

Rock is a way of life“And’cause this is all that each of us we really have every day. 24h hours, 365 days at year to say our loved ones that we care for them. A breath of air to express ourself in a song, in a gesture or even in a humble, simple and black rock&roll t-shirt.”

Nope. We don’t pretend to change the world. That’s why we are true believers. That’s why we believe in rock and in that simple, plain and natural way of life. Live in our own terms. Live in peace with the others. Respect to our neighbors. And respect to our children. With respect to our loved ones. Following the happiness, kindness, honesty and the funny meaning of life in every single act of our lives.

I hope sincerely that my designs it can put an small brick of happiness in your life. In times when all great platforms abuse of musicians, and independent artists are the most damaged, your help is even more appreciated. My online shop is a place for believers. Not a simple merch shop as others. All my stuff is related with all this beliefs and I hope it makes you shine in your own terms. If you wanna dress different, take a look there.

Do you wanna be part of the tribe?

Rock As You T-Shirts with meaning & message

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