Draped in Freedom, Covered in Rock!

“As the seasons change, it’s that time once again to replenish our wardrobes. If there’s one thing, we must all keep in mind, it’s Rock ability! Whatever the season, whatever the reason, the fashion and style remain.”

Freedom and Rock are synonyms. Music and fashion go hand in hand like coffee and cream! Why would you have one without the other? Rock music and fashion are not only about guitars and rebellious attitudes, but it’s also about freedom, being able to dress on your own terms, and it’s a way of life.

Rock music is a reflection of social and cultural change“Rock music is a reflection of social and cultural change, and nearly 7 decades later, it has progressed to what it is today – A way of life, therapy, and art. Although it was influenced by RnB, it is also known to be country music that morphed with the blues. The guitars and hard drums are just the icing on the cake! Soon came the fashion, and it was a fine line between the ‘Mods’ and the ‘Rockers’.”

They both shared the same flamboyant, eclectic, loud, rebellious, and outspoken sense of style. From the glitzy blazers to the ripped-up skinny jeans- we’ve seen them all.

Let’s not forget, over the years the menswear has become a lot more risqué… and we can all blame Elvis! To date, skinny jeans and leather jackets have been in fashion for as long as I can remember, and they appeal to a wider variety of people, much larger than the fans of Rock music.

From Glam rock to punk, and heavy metal to grunge, you’d find a different look amongst a variety of people- and they’re all fabulous might I add! Rock fashion is one of the most versatile and influential style of Fashion. It gives people a way to express their individuality, and hey, we’re all individuals, right?

The sound and clothes are both rebellious, yet inclusive so you won’t be short of anything less than fabulous to wear.  

Black is a staple color in any wardrobe. If it’s not your best mate’s pair of black jeans or your girl’s little black dress, everyone should have that one black item, that ultimately, you’ll be able to wear with anything.

Black is in fashion all year round!“Black is in fashion all year round! For musicians, it often helps band members, and artists appear more uniform on stage and in public. For bikers is a way of life.”

From the black leather suit shoes to your chunky Dr. Martins, you can’t speak Rock and Roll louder than the color Black! Let’s not forget that it is a key element in today’s fashion industry.

Some of my influences and people I liked were Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, as you know. Their sense of style proved that not only were they living on their own terms, but it proved that Rock was much more than just music.

So, to cut my long story short, I hope you’ve figured out what type of Rocker you are, what you’re going for, and what your style is. Whatever you choose, browse through my store and take your fancy – I’m sure we’ll have you draped in Freedom and Covered in Rock!

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