Make Rock, not War

“In a few hours we’ll be performing a short acoustic gig into this bands marathon in benefit to the victims and refugees of Ukraine. How I explained in my blog of music, is not a question of sides, ideologies or countries. Is a question of people suffering. Wars are hideous thing wherever they fight.”


Therefore, Make rock, not war is a very remarkable motto in my music, designs and philosophy. Anyway, I think is the most important motto for all musicians around the world. Even with our differences in music style or taste about music, all we have a genuine feeling os solidarity. Perhaps ’cause our profession is about service and attention to others. I don’t know.


Give peace a chance. Musicians motto through time“In times of peace, music is livelihood to the soul. In times of troubles, music is solace to the soul. And all my world moves around music since I was a child.  My chosen place is a song. And my favorite color is rock. Also, my perfect friend is music. And my only flag is called peace. Even when I try to find some kind of God, or spiritual support to resist in all this crazy thing called life, I do through music.
I can’t conceive other way.”


All this shit about wars, flags and countries is a madness. That’s not a question of who is in truth possession. When weapons are involved, is a question of people suffering. And I’m always beside of people who needs help. I don’t care what’s their skin color. And I don’t care what’s their country. People is people. Humans as you. Music into a soul. Rock, as you. As me.

I couldn’t evoid design a t-shirt with this very special message for me when Syria fell in conflict, some years ago. It was valid in Yemen too. Valid in Irak for a long time. Is valid in the beautiful Tibet yet. And unfortunately is valid in Ukraine just now.


In my mind, I’m always present the meritorious example of life of His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso. The IVX Dalai Lama. When Chinese soldiers invaded his beloved country, his younger brother told him that he would go to war to fight against them. “Dalai Lama don’t believe in wars“. It was his answer.


Hard thing. Isn’t it? How you can mantain your peaceful mind and non-violence acts in times of trouble? In what way you refrain your rage, your frustration and your sorrow when the enemy is killing your friends, neighbors and relatives? When all your cells and mind calls for revenge, and you can not find a way out. How is possible to be kind, peaceful and take the non-violence way as Dalai Lama do?


Never easy. Is a hard work to refrain your instincts and follow your commitment with your own beliefs when things are hard.


There are those who believe that peace it is a path of coward. But is just on the contrary. Non violence is a way to brave and courageous people actually. ‘Cause you need to fight against the worst enemy who exists. Yourself. Your ego.


The only way to do the right thing is help others. There’s a kind of magic, a kind of power in the merely act of helping other ones that grants freedom to your soul, and improve yourslef in many ways. All your frustration, fear, rage and sorrow is transformed in joy when you help someone who needs it. When you can see the eyes of gratitude in other human being. Is one of the most powerful things that you could experiment in your life. And it is full of blessings in so many ways.


The smaller act, it can make the difference in the world“Therefore I do. An small grain of sand in a giant beach maybe.
But even the smaller counts. A simple message in a t-shirt.
A word of solace to your friend, who is suffering just now. Who cares the reason?
A gig to gather in food and medicines to victims of war. Any little act of kindness.”


Even if you think it’s an insignificant thing, it will help to build a better world. Do it! Remember that the butterfly wings in a branch of a remote tree in Korea, is essential to the ocean currents and balance of weather in New Jersey. Everything in our living world is interconnected. Do not underestimate the true power that you keep inside you.


Rock music. Our black clothes. And our rebel dress. It always was a peaceful weapon to fight against an unfair system through the years. Dress in black, empowered in rock. That’s how our parents defeat the eveil in the past. A brotherhood chain of single, small and unnoticed acts that together changed the world. How was that Leonard Cohen song? First, we take Manhattan? They done once ago. And we’ll done once again.
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