As a musician, I never thought even in my dreams that I could melt in this way two of my favourites passions.

You know; I love to play in pubs, stages and all around with the band in front of hundred people. Or on my own with my guitar and only a few people in a small place.

To record new songs, promote, expose them and expose myself in social worldwide spots. It’s weird! But I like it. I really like it.

I never realized that I could mix all this beautiful way of life with my other passion and work. Design!

Well, I mean.  I designed my own logos. After this, I’ve tried to leave other ones to build my artist website but finally I decided do it myself ’cause I had a different perspective of I wanted to share with world.

And I designed professionally a lot of websites, logos, marketing adverts and campaigns for other ones (musicians, entrepreneurs, shops, restaurants, friends..) I love design in so many ways!

Therefore, when a lot of you ask me to create some artistic designs for shirts, clothes and other items, I thought it was a good idea to compile most of these drawings, slogans and crazy thoughts.

Put together just with my own artist logos and new ideas coming up at my mind, and give the chance to everyone who loves my music and my art to have the opportunity to enjoy them.

And that’s how all this new adventure was born.

ROCKASYOU.COM is my new fashion and merch label with a lot of clothes, complements, merchandising and original gifts designed by me after a lot of you told me about your interest to wear with my designs and creations.
You talked, and I listened.
That’s your new way to show the world that you’re tribe and you think in freedom and independence.
In your own terms

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