My favorite color is ROCK

“Most of my designs are mainly and predominantly in black color. How I explained before in other posts, black color is deeply related with rock music and rock&roll way of life. The most important bands from all times they used to wear in black as a kind of identity. Even the great Johnny Cash was an obstinate defender of black clothes in his gigs.”

Because my favorite color is black, my favorite color is ROCK. Both are synonyms, as I said in my previous post. Don’t I? And that’s the mainly reason why most of my clothes it prevail black color. But don’t panic. If you are those ones who enjoy wearing a several kind of colors, you have the option in the most of my t-shirts and items to choose another colors. Well, they’re not the head option, but it exists. No worries, you’ll find below.

In the scroll selector, here in Rock As You, you can custom your own size and color. And even in the small pics under the featured picture in every product you can check how do the other colors look. And if it is not enough, a bunch of them they have the label “SHINE” which means that exists a different version of this product in other colours. Mostly clear colors.

Black color is a way of life when we talk about rock music“Exactly like a paradox, rock&roll is not an stiff, grim or cold music. Rather otherwise, is a bright, warm and temper music. Even if my clothes are black, my heart is full of life, hope and warm emotions. That’s why red color is just combined with black often? maybe.
Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t care too.”

Anyway, all this speech about colors in rock fashion is only a merely way to draw a difference with the rest of the world. A world which does not ask questions, and does not question things that are sometimes unfair or it make a lack of sense. And rock is here to say: Stop! we want to know more about it. And we need freedom enough to make our own decisions. With respect, honesty and freedom for the other ones too.

People who love rock it seems to have a different connection in their brains. No better, no worst, simply different. ‘Cause we see things in the other face. And behind this rude appearance that we want to show to the rest of the world, there’s people who thinks too much. Yeah, that’s the way we are.

You used to read a lot of books too? You used to locked yourself in your room when you was an eighteen listening music on a on? Rest of the world they went to the beach, to the disco while you were drinking some beers with your friends in a yard and talking about Whitman‘s books, Sci-fi movies and the last Springsteen‘s song? You saved all your money to be able buying the last Judas‘s album?

You know what I mean then. And every small act you’ve done. Every little decission you made trying to understand this crazy world. And trying to improve your own world, your loved ones world, and every part of this world is your color. No matter if this is wearing in black, white, red, green or purple. Your acts, your sincerity and your passion for this life is your real color.

I build this site to support my career as a musician. Independent artists (even more if we play rock) we are in a hard way nowadays. Globalization has a price. We must to assume it. And everyone who wants to bet for something with real meaning now, we have a hard way to walk in front of us.

Every little decission you made trying to understand this crazy world“But i refuse to write cheap music. Da, da, da, didid do, do is not going with me. I have something to say! You have a lot of things to say too! And someone must to listen the voice of people as you. People who has something to say in their own terms. And meanwhile I was building this site and I started designing new slogans, drawings and outfit, I was even more commited with all this things.”

I was surprised myself that what started as a merchandising store become a shrine for the ideas of freedom, respect and independence of mind. And I wanted; I really needed to share this thought with you today.

No, as I said before many times, I don’t wanna change the world. We don’t wanna change the world. We only want to save our own world free from lies, insensitivity and these empty-plastic ideas from a selfish society that take us away from our color. The color of common sense, which is the color of sincerity, respect, love and rock and roll. Draped in black. Dresses in hope.

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