Rock As You (Album)


31 Lenghts
2000 Miles
A miracle it would be enough
Pennsylvania lights
Dancing on the rain
Circles of fire
Summer song
Wonderful life
Running on a highway

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Well, finally my new album is released worldwide in physical format. Some of my best singles that perhaps you listened as a single in streaming in all digital platforms, re-recorded, re-mastered and with a new perspective to sound according to my most recent american folk/southern/soft rock vision.
Songs as “Circles of fire” or “Pennsylvania lights” it sounds as you listened in Spotify or iTunes previously. Well, maybe with a little bit of general re-mastering difference.
But songs as “A miracle it would be enough” or “2000 Miles” it sounds with a new and fresh style. Drums, bass and vocals mainly.
To draw the difference between you can find in streaming platforms and this exclusive CD in digipack format, is my decission not to upload those new versions there. This new album it will be on sale in physical format only. Just as a kind of tribute to my real fans.
I don’t care if we sell two, twenty, or one million cd’s. It’s my compromise with all the real people who follow my work and they really, really appreciate it.
Even more. I’ve titled the album just as this shop. To link the circle with all my work as a musician & designer. And as tribute too to all my followers who love to buy my t-shirts and designs in this small rock & roll exclusive and virtual corner. Consider this new work a kind of select, exclusive and clannish album. And it will make me so much happy if you want to have in your hands and enjoy with yor ears and heart.
Be rock! Be resistance! And thanks a lot for being a believer… ever!
Let’s Rock! 🎸📿🙏

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