Rock outfit. The promise to be yourself

“Once upon a time. At dawn of the 20 century. In which elegant France with centuries of history. With endless lists of illustrated people, philosophers, aristocrats and artists, marked the line to follow in the world of fashion and good dress. The whole world pointed around French elegance and standard-setting snobbery.”


But the rock outfit was not born yesterday. A seed and promise to be yourself takes time. The awakening of the Italian designers gave fashion that point of freshness that dignified the clothing of the people on the street. Thus bringing elegance and distinction closer to what was already beginning. To be the middle class that would eventually take the lead in the mid-twentieth century.

But it turns out that underneath all this. While the great names of fashion competed and battled to prevail above and get the textile power with which to dress an entire civilization. Another fashion, much more natural, affordable and carefree was becoming the owner. King of hearts and wardrobes of ordinary people in more parts of the world than we can imagine.

The beatles were the first ones to be outfit influencers“It was the seventies. And a few years earlier, the Beatles they had changed the way of connecting with the world. And although the term “Influencer” it was not been invented yet, it is clear that the four from Liverpool they had already opened a door. Which no one could close again.”


Every act and every way in the behaviour from the pop and celluloid stars outfit it was be imitated millimeter. And they would be imitated on an on in order to feel closer to the new idols who worshiped each other with a passion unprecedented in history.


In the midst of a changing world. And where the wish for freedom and to be oneself was an increasingly prevailing need, we find that the kings of American rock they began to wear an outfit that not even British stars had dared to flaunt.

Blue collar fashion. The simple, common and simple outfit of the people of the street. Twentieth-century factory workers who sought an identity in the comfort and durability of clothing that would set them apart from those who had relegated them to be the outcasts of the world.

In those exact days, it happened out that a maid named Enolliah Williams. She worked in a large mansion acquired as a cultural heritage in Baltimore. And discovered by mere chance dozens of pieces of antique clothing scattered around every corner of the house.

This amazing woman was so fascinated by these pieces that she went out of her way to create a catalog. All of what she found and in a job that took decades, she patiently placed them in boxes and organized them by date and style.

And unwilling, she helped preserve one of the largest apparel collections in American history.


It’s interesting how thanks to the simple act of a single person, it is possible to unravel the origin of a story. An story that is not written in books but reveals invaluable data. Which reinforces and gives its own name to a fashion and style typical of the United States. And it was something no one considered until then.

Since it was assumed that American fashion was nothing more than an adaptation of the European fashion that has fallen into decline and that there was never a standardized design of clothing as such in the new continent. Big mistake.

Rock outfit is the fashion of daily people“Things come together. And analyzing that collection, we understand a thing. How the people who were in charge of the manufacture of these garments ended up shaping the “blue collar” clothing. A wear style that would eventually establish itself as a standard of identity among the Americans through time. And the ancient origin of rock&roll outfit and fashion.”


From that collection we understand the mixture. Something born of the clothing that the typical colonialist was unmarked to bet on a style adaptable to the geography of a country. A place with a climate and characteristics very different from those of the old world.

And we understand how an emigrant German in San Francisco creates the most famous and resistant pants in the world. Turning Jeans and shirts in the most dressed pieces of clothing on the planet since its invention in 1873.

In this way, if there is something that American dress fashion differs from that of other countries. Is firts of all in adapting to the daily without losing originality and personality in the attempt.


Plaid shirts of colors so typical of Colorado – the cowboy state par excellence – and also the states where the temperature changes between different geographic altitudes are constant. Jeans that went from being a work item in the mines to being a hallmark.

Rock outfit complements are in our daily lives” The vests. And the denim leather clothes. Originally from the fells and which ended up being the ideal to drive those giant motorcycles that cross
the endless lonely roads
living a pure rock&roll life.”


Hats that protect both from the sun and the rain. The cowboy boots, perfect for riding and that fit like a glove at the feet of Harley Davidson bikers. And the typical three-quarters of the southern army.

Rock outfit complements are in our daily lives. And we use them on a regular basis. We introduced them into our dayily wearing. And we mix them without blushing with accessories which coming from the more classist and less pragmatic fashion of the ancient pro Europeans.

But the real thing is; who doesn’t like to feel like a cowboy traveling through the endless hills under starry nights and with the promise of a better life? The promise of being yourself.

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