Your life, your rules

“Our loved Rock is a style of music that was born in the earlies 1950’s and has since become one of the most popular genres of music. Since then, rock music and dressing are two things that go hand in hand with each other. No matter how things are going in our changing world”

For someone who really loves rock, it represents your life, your rules. Rock is favorite music for people who love to live in their own terms. It was when rockers drove their bikes with their leather jackets and upturned toupees. And it was when the mods combined their elegant and modern clothing with that attractive rebellious and controversial behavior.

Rock is favorite music for people who love to live in their own terms“So, it was when punk, metal, folk, new wave and grunge it ruled the world. In the 80’s. 90’s. 2000’s. Just now! With fashion mixture of many different looks, but with the same feeling of independance and freedom running for their veins. Rock is more than a provisional or temporary fad.
Is a way of life.”

And everyone who loves rock in all its wide form, they have their own way to expose it. And dress it. Their differences are their nexus. If pop look would be an outfit of a button-down shirt with a cardigan paired with jeans.

Punk fashion is more about expressing your individuality through your clothing and complements. You might wear ripped jeans with a plaid shirt and combat boots or maybe you would wear something more feminine like skinny jeans paired with a crop top and sneakers.

Goth fashion is also about expressing your inner emotions through your clothing. But it’s not just about how you dress. It’s also about how you do your makeup which can include black eyeliner, lipstick, pale foundation,

American style born from the country-rock sound is a worldwide outfit. And its express even more than other ones. Is a commitment.

This is why I think rock music is the genre that changed the world. It’s a music that has been with us through good and bad times and it’s aan style that we can always count on to make our days better. Is the way just we are. Rock, as you.

People who lives rock dress in their own rules. They have their own style that does not follow fashion trends but rather follows their own life philosophy. And they have common thought. They decide in freedom.

Rock music it’s about standing out and being yourself.“Rock people are not afraid to express themselves through clothes or tattoos or piercings because they know you can’t judge a book by its cover. And they know what they want to wear and what they want to wear will never be out of style.”

Rockers we are free spirits who live life on our own terms. And we don’t follow the rules set by society. TWe feel as rebels with a cause who do what we want when we want. Because this is our life!

Rock music it’s about standing out and being yourself.

Whoever really follows my career they know music have always been the most remarkable part of my life. That’s why I build this site aligned with my music merch about my music, but with its own personality and exclusive designs.

And that’s the way I can talk about how our people use their personal style to express themselves through their clothes.

I proudly dress my own t-shirts. Not a secret. You only need to visit my social sites to check it. I have a huge collection of rock t-shirts, and I am always looking for new ones to design and add to the collection. Rock t-shirts are the best way to express your beliefs. Just in the way we are.

Rock As You. T-Shirts and clothing with message, meaning and significance.

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