Screw the heat!

“When it comes to fight against heat, every summer is the same battle. The need to find some kind of outfit which can make us feel cosy and fresh, but smart enough to dress in our daily day and every occassion. This season is going a little bit hard though. Global warming is fighting a cruel battle”

We really want to help you to screw the heat this summer in Rock As You. You guys, know our products and t-shirts are committed to sustainability and ecology. That’s an important thing for me and all the team here. Damn it! If this thing is one of the most remarkable questions in my songs. It was my moral obligation that this also be in my brand.

We assure ourselves that our materials are kind with the environment“As we explain in the site, we look for suppliers that assure us that the materials are kind to the environment and that child or abusive labor is not used. As a brand we cannot control the manufacturing
process of our supplier. But anyway, we closely monitor their actions
so we can be sure that our ethical commitment is upheld.”

Someone told me some days ago that she can find t-shirts for a bunch of pennies in her town. Well, definitely Rock As You is not for her. This is a place for rock & roll devotes. And this is a site for people who really want to draw the difference.

All my mottos and designs are unique. You can’t find it anywhere else. And every item has my own logo and guarantee in. Just as a way to show the world this commitment and the real determination that you live in your own terms.

It’s just an inner creed saying that nobody is setting you rules. Or neither the way you should to be and dress. That’s not a clothing online shop! That’s a tribe! A way to live and feel.

I mean. I’m musician. I’m not interested in be part of the fashion gurus of the world. What i want precisely, is to make the difference. Build something worth. Create some honest kind of thing in which we can rely on. That’s my fight.

Therefore you’ll find sustainability stuff in my t-shirts only. No fake-plastic textiles burning and stinging your skin as a tiny needles. But fresh, cosy and natural stuff instead. Letting your body feel relaxed and ready to bear in a better experience the hot air and the burning sun.

Screw the heat dressing healthy t-shirts“To screw the heat. To fight the hot weather. And to doing your part in a sustainable world; we need to set in mind the idea that natural things are the only way. And it is not an option. Is a duty. And it begans dressing in a way which brings us health.”

In this thing called Feng-Shui, japanese tradition says: If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person, If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

It seems that the whole world depends mainly of the feeling of freedom and harmony into ourselves. Isn’t it? Therefore I consider essential to eat healthy, to sleep healthy, to live in a healthy society, and to dress healthy.

All we know that rock sound was always the rebel one at the end of the bar. Was the untamed running on a highway in the middle of the night. Even I wrote one of my most loved songs inspired by these group of motorbikers full of tatoos who travel through the whole country. Collecting money to help children without resources. Real heroes. More a real rebel ones, even.

That’s the point! And our aim in Rock As You. Global warming wants screw us? We’ll screw it! Starting with our commitment to live a sustainable life. Dressing real clothes instead of fake plastic fibers. Doing the things on our terms. In the terms of Rock and freedom. Just as we are!

Rock As You. T-Shirts and clothing with message, meaning and significance.

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