Welcome to my merch-shop, believers. As I promised you, here’s a compilation of my own music merch.
But also those designs which come to my mind and I love to portray into reality.

As a musician, I never thought even in my dreams that I could melt in this way two of my favourites passions. But here is!

Most of my designs are mainly and predominantly in black color. How I explained before in other posts, black color is deeply related with rock music and rock&roll way of life. The most important bands from all times they used to wear in black as a kind of identity. Even the great Johnny Cash was an obstinate defender of black clothes in his gigs.

Because my favorite color is black, my favorite color is ROCK. Both are synonyms, as I said in my previous post. Don’t I? And that’s the mainly reason why most of my clothes it prevail black color. But don’t panic. If you are those ones who enjoy wearing a several kind of colors, you have the option in the most of my t-shirts and items to choose another colors. Well, they’re not the head option, but it exists. No worries, you’ll find below.

In the scroll selector you can custom size and color. And even in the small pics under the featured picture in every product you can check how do the other colors look. And if it is not enough, a bunch of them they have the label “SHINE” which means that exists a different version of this product in other colours. Mostly clear colors.

You can listen my music here too.
There’s some links in the main page to listen it.But if you want to know more about me and my music, you can visit my artist site too.

That’s all. Simply and easy. Sail the site. Connect with your own design, and enjoy it

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