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“A band t-shirt is more than simply the cloth it’s printed on; isn’t it? It’s a fashion statement that has a big impact on both, the band and the fans. And that’s as any rock and roll fan will tell you. If you’re a rock and roll artist, your band’s clothing is your tour’s livelihood. More than this. Is your very own indentity.”

But in my case, this finally became merch that is not merch, actually.  Let me explain. Rock has a lot of faces. And if you’re here now I bet you’re looking for something more than my own name or personal label. Are you looking for emotions. Something to relate with.

Merch is the key to maintain the band in the road“In a band. Specially if they are in a tour, merch is considered an important aspect of your movement because it accounts for 35% of your total income. Something basic and essential to maintain the band doing the road.”

Particularly in times when sell recorded music is almost a wishful thinking. For many fans, having stuff from your favorite singer offers you subtle bragging rights for attending a memorable tour. Even if you didn’t see them live, your band t-shirt displays your musical credentials to the world.

Many bands create logos that serve as a cool badge of honor for a specific group of dedicated fans. However, only a few genuinely exceptional designs make it past these independent circles and into the general culture.

Today, we can throw a light on our band, which has created the greatest T-shirt designs for the merch booth. If you are between the age of 25-60 and you are a loyal fan of rock music you know exactly what being a fan entails. Having the best merch compliments the knowledge you have for your favorite band.

A black T-shirt from your favorite rock band can go a long way in impressing your close buddies and people you care about. It is therefore important to have the best supply for your merch.

We all know that black T-shirts are the hallmark of rock culture; they make you stand out from the crowd. Black T-shirts may complement many other types of clothes in your wardrobe; if you acquire one, it will go nicely with other items of clothing in the same color. Wear it beneath a black jacket or a fitted trench, or over exquisite slacks or sleek black jeans. Of course, black shoes are always required to complete the look for the ultimate in dark elegance.

When I started this online personal shop to support my music with the typical merch with Rock As You motto, I get all my experience in design to build it. And I did it myself, because I was a professional designer for a long. Working in logos, websites, drawings and all this kind of stuff for big companies and firms.

All those years I was fighting against myself in a kind of existential dichotomy. I’m musician or I’m designer? I used to expose myself as a musician only, and keeping my second line of work hide and reserved for professional field only.


Rock As You was the answer to a kind of existencial doubt“But finally, a kind of revelation came to me no much time ago. What if I’m both things actually? And how to tie it together? Why should I being shy about something in which I’m very good too. I mean; heavy firms used to pay me for this. It must to be for some reason, isn’t it? Rock As You was my answer.
And this revelation can’t make me happier.”

Therefore I dove in this thing as in a vast, large and unkowing sea full of new challenges. Sustaining in my own personal label, not my merch only. Even a whole new world of designs, mottos, and quotes born in my own mind.
All of them related with rock music. And all the concepts, beliefs, and values which shape this particular philosophy of mine. Where rock music, long car roadtrips, and some kind of sincere -but non dogmatical- and deep spirituality, together with a great load of social values they try to coexist in some kind of harmony in my life.

There are many trends that have been embraced this year in the rock and roll. From skinny jeans, black-Tshirts to black jackets the following are the best suggestions that will make sure you stand out from the crowd in the rock culture.

And what’s the reason why I wanted to bring you something more than merely my own name of my albums in a normal t-shirt.

Here you’ll find my own designs, t-shirts, and mottos to helping express yourself in your own terms. Dressing ina different way. With something that only our own tribe can related with. A feeling of freedom, independence and honesty in our way of life that only real rock’n roll lovers they would understand.

If you are really into the rock & roll lifestyle you know clothes or shoes are not the only stuff in the movement. But other accessories such as handbags and jewelry, jewelry or wristbands. This is ’cause rock is not a common fashion shit. Is the belief that we can live in a better, honest and balance world. Suits yourself buddies!

Rock As You. T-Shirts and clothing with message, meaning and significance.

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