When my guitar and my t-shirt gently smile

“As a curiosity; humans have made music ever since they inhabited the earth. In the olden days, people used primitive instruments, including wind and percussion, to create music. So that, there’s evidence of guitar precursors dating back to about 4,000 years.”

When my guitar gently weeps, they used to sing Beatles. Well, what if your guitar and t-shirt gently smile now? The development of the actual guitar came after several millennia. There are several stringed musical instruments like the oud and lute. However, these don’t create the same music as the guitar. And just as every piece of clothing trough history, guitars are a unique thing to related with.

After the voice, guitar is the most human and emotional instrument.“Anyone who owns a guitar it could say you that this instrument precisely is much more than a tool. Unlike others instruments, guitars have been named and gifted with a kind of living personality through history. We can have in mind some old narrations about guitars and
players who sold his soul to dark forces.
Or even guitars blessed with a celestial power to heal people.

After the voice, guitar is the most human and emotional instrument. And therefore, the evolution of the guitar in rock music has a parallel way to rock itself.

But it took time for the guitar to dominate the musical landscape. For a lot of decades, piano, sax and the other called “privileged and cultured instruments” it were controlling all music generes. Until the raid of the amplifiers changed this balance forever. Rock music was being born.

And with this new dawn, thousand of types of rock music guitars were preparing to appear

These were various guitar models, including short-neck options with less than eight frets. The guitar’s neck was later stretched to have 12 frets today. Amazingly, tuning the early guitars was the same E-A-D-G-B-E process as today. Nobody could think that rock music could get the appeal it has thanks to the guitar. To appreciate the role of the guitar in rock music, let’s highlight the guitar options.

Here are the types of guitars for producing awesome rock music. No brands; no models. We would need several books to talk about brands only.

As a folk/rock lover, I would want to remark the acoustic guitar electrified. For me is the most terrific one. The versatility and comfort of the electric guitar are here melted with the deep and warm sound of the classic acoustic guitar.  I have a good collection of guitars and electrified/acoustic are always my favorite ones.

Electric Lead Guitar

But there’s always this moment in your show when you need to shoot energy. And some kind of sounds, weeping or raw it must to take the command. That is time to get your electric guitar and make some magic.

A lead guitar helps guitarists produce melody lines, guitar solos, and riffs. The lead guitar is the featured guitar with support from the rhythm guitar while playing rock music. People who play this guitar are known as lead guitarists and usually play single, note lines, licks and double stops. Solos are the perfect goal of this kind of musicians. Who not enjoy listening an Steve Vai line or a Gary Moore delicate smooth tune?

When playing rock music, lead guitars are usually electric.“When playing rock music, lead guitars are usually electric. These require plugging in an amp to hear music from them. Playing a lead guitar is similar to playing an acoustic guitar.
You tap, slap, and pluck the guitar strings.”

Connecting an electric guitar to an amp makes its music stand out, while the guitar pedals are for creating effects like distortion and reverb. People who play the lead guitar are always the first player. In a rock band, the lead guitarist inspires others, usually conducting alongside the vocalist. Or even being both in one. Lead vocal and lead guitar; as Eric Clapton or Mark knopfler.

Telecaster, Strato or Les Paul are a mere example of leading electric guitar models.

Rhythm Guitar

When playing rock music, the rhythm guitar is for playing supporting chords. This guitar supports the bassist and drummer in creating music. A rhythm guitarist sometimes plays complex passages in a song to give it rhythm. Music from the rhythm guitar gives the song its character.

They can play electric or acoustic guitar. And if you think they’re not remarkable in a band, prove to listen your favorite band without them.

To play rhythm you need to domain totally and more the tempo, beat and compass. And you must to be a solo player too. It is essential to improve the solo player sound. Playing double notes, disto to full the song and guide the whole band through the song frame. Therefore, great singers as Bryan adams or Bruce Springsteen they’re usually great solo players too.

Bass Guitar

A bass guitar resembles an electric guitar but has the lowest pitch. The guitar has thicker strings for playing notes with a lower pitch. A standard bass guitar has four strings and is very popular in rock music.

Some bass guitars come with five, six, or seven strings. This guitar replaced massive musical instruments with double bass and was the primary instrument for bass in music during the 1950s.

A bass guitar provides rhythm in a band together with the rhythm guitar and the drums. This guitar links dry sound from the drums to warmer melodic and harmonious sounds. And locks it into the beat from the bass drum.

A bass guitar gives music its quality“A bass guitar gives music its quality, including the vibrations you feel when enjoying the song. Paul McArtney‘s Hofner, Sting‘s Precision Bass or the famous Pete Townshend‘s Rickenbacker they are a great example.”

Well, and that’s how guitars are the secret ingredients to producing rock music. Models, brands and even special editions are stuff to write a lot more.

Of course; banjo, ukelele, folk american tin, mandolin, bouzouki, classical spanish, and dozen of other wonders are part of a remarkable guitars collection. But if you’re a rookie or simply you have some interest, it is a good beginning.

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